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Replacement Pods

You’ll never run out of vape pods again

Giving yourself up to clouds of vapor is fun, but you never know when you’re out of your pods. You realize those containers have dried up only when their flavor is no longer consistent and when your hits are anything but satisfying. Are you sure you have enough replacement ones in your collection? No? Vape Mall Global is where you can buy vape pods to replenish it at any time.

From Aspire to SMOK and JUUL units, we’ve got everything you might need to keep vaping. That’s probably why Vape Mall Global is considered the largest source of vape pods in the UAE. Stock up on them with us – and your flavorsome clouds will always be a puff away.

Nothing is better than lots of cheap vape pods

If you’re a heavy vaper who takes hundreds of puffs a day, it pays to have a boatload of replacement pods at hand. The good news is that we can help you save money on such a large order. Our prices are unbeatable, and we couple them with 5% off for those who spend at least 500 AED.

Choose from refillable and non-refillable replacement pods and their capacity options for your device. Here you will get them for a more favorable price than anywhere else!

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