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Lychee Ice from LJ Liquids is now in at E Cigarette Empire! Lychee Iced is a brand new e juice that is quickly taking its place in the market with its bold flavor. This vape juice has a very calm and relaxing raspberry menthol ice flavor. During the inhale you get a tasty berry flavor that will instantly spread across your taste buds. Upon the exhale is when the icy menthol flavor kicks in and will help cool you down on those hot summer days in the sun. This flavor is one of the best we have encountered so far. The throat hit is very smooth and laid back, It will leave you with a delicious after taste making it a perfect juice to enjoy all throughout the day. The packaging design is very unique and colorful; it really stands out from other juices. Lychee Iced is in a light blue box with cartoon raspberry like characters, snowflakes, and a very bold dark blue title that will really catch your attention. The juice itself in inside of an attractive unicorn bottle with a label to match the box. You won’t be able to walk past this e liquid without wanting to give it a try! The VG/PG ratio is 70/30 which gives you the perfect blend for thick clouds and awesome distinct flavor! Here at E Cigarette Empire we carry this e liquid in a 60ML bottle size with nicotine level 3MG